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In the first episode of their all-new trilogy Century from Knockabout Comics, the famous Victorian fictional figures who make up The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen plunge into the brave new world of the 20th century. Joining the cast in an alternative London in 1910 are Carnacki the ghost-finder, Raffles, Pirate Jenny, Mac the Knife and more. Visionary graphic novel author Alan Moore and artistic collaborator Kevin O’Neill explore their series’ vast referential cosmos writer and popular culture guru Christopher Frayling (Rector of the Royal College of Art and until recently Chair of the Arts Council). Followed by signing. More…

Where: Cinema 1, ICA, The Mall, London
When: Tuesday, June 2, 2009 - 6.45pm to 8.15pm

Legends meet at the ICA:
Film director Nicolas Roeg (left) with Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.


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"Every time I go to these events I come back inspired to do more work."
Sylvia Libedinsky

"...a long-overdue celebration of graphic art and literature."
BBC Collective

"...he's a natural storyteller. He can't seem to stop."
Paul Tierney

"...some of the UK's sharpest cartoonists gathered at the ICA in London for a unique test of creativity and endurance: a 24-hour comic marathon, during which each artist was challenged to create a spontaneous 24-page story."
The New Statesman

"'s a great time to be a comics fan in London!"
Chris Thompson

"The talk - to a full house - was pleasant, convivial and amusing."
Tim Pilcher

"When the event was over the audience was left wanting more."
Liban Diriye

"...a fantastically wide selection of comics, to be touched, admired and purchased."
Toby Litt

"This event showcased some of the great variety of manga art styles and artists working across languages, continents and cultures in the world today."
Karl Pell

"...the viewer's efforts were amply rewarded by the superb quality of nearly every comic in the exhibit."
Alison Frank