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Fresh from their Saturday Camden gigs, London Underground Comics energises this small press fair, giving you the chance to meet and buy from even more self-publishing creators of comics and manga, in print, on the web and for mobile phones. Watch them at work and join in for yourself. The PoCom project in the Concourse Gallery will be extended online and on the wall, and there will be book signings for the latest graphic novels. View the LUC promo video on YouTube and visit Comiket on Facebook. There will also be a Fast Fiction table, offering other goodies from small presses across the UK who cannot attend on the day.

London Underground Comics are: Oli Smith, Jake Harold, Francesca Cassavetti, Sean Azzopardi and Emma Price.

Tickets: Free
Where: Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA, The Mall, London
When: Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 1pm to 7pm


“Comiket… was packed to bursting with enthusiastic, earnest artists hustling their work.”
Mike Leader

Atlantic Press
C2D4 Comics (2)
Comics Creators Guild
Last Hours & Hey Monkey
London Underground Comics
The Bedsit Journal (2)
The Girly Comic (2)

David Baillie
Banal Pig (2)
Isy Brighton
Gavin Burrows
Francesca Cassavetti
Richy K. Chandler
Lee Christien
Jenny Linn Cole
Gemma Correll
Zoe Darnell
Jeremy Dennis
Marc Ellerby (2)
Eva-Marie Elg
David Enker
Jimi Gherkin
Kieron Gillen
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (2)
Isabel Greenberg
Howard Hardiman (2)
Sally-Anne Hickman
Saban Kazim (Shabs)
David Lander
Martin Lander
Dan Lester, Oliver Lambden (2)
Zarina Liew (2)
Al Maceachern
Chiu Kwong Man
Terry Martin, Murky Depths (2)
John Maybury
Jamie McKelvie
Kate McMorrine
James Nash
Carlos Nipponaisuki
Douglas Noble
Alicia Pang
Daphne Plessner
Ben Powis
Paul Rainey (2)
Jon Scrivens
Sina Shamsavari
Phil Spence
Nicola Streeten
Matilida Tristram
Phillip Warner
Jason Wilson (2)


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"Yet another fabulous evening."
Martin Eden

"...the social buzz is what I will remember from the day."
Ed Pinsent

"Gives the comic form the cultural representation the UK doesn't normally see."
David Greene

"...a two-week celebration of the art form..."
The London Paper

"I was about to fall off my chair from overstimulation."
Sarah McIntyre

"With Comica, the ICA is doing what it does best: reaching out to culture's fringe."
Kulture Flash

"...the viewer's efforts were amply rewarded by the superb quality of nearly every comic in the exhibit."
Alison Frank

"...hearing literary translators talk about their work reminded me of the immense difficulty, creativity and importance of the task."
The Financial Times

"...a long-overdue celebration of graphic art and literature."
BBC Collective

"After five years of attending Comica's Comikets, the event has finally come of age."
Francesca Cassavetti