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TODAY & IN 2001

Campaigning charity War on Want’s Iraq: Operation Corporate Takeover is a documentary comic in which Sean Michael Wilson and Lee O’Connor expose how Western companies are profiting from the occupation, while New Yorkers Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman project the war’s technology, media coverage and paranoia to the year 2011 in the provocative Shooting War from Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

Hosted by Seumas Milne, Guardian columnist and associate editor. Seumas was the Guardian’s comment editor from 2001-2007. He has worked for the paper since 1984, as a general reporter, labour correspondent (Europe) and labour editor. He has reported for the Guardian from the Middle East, eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America.

Tickets: £8, £7 Concs, £6 Members
Where: Nash Room, ICA, The Mall, London
When: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 - 7pm


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"...a place where aspiring graphic novelists get the chance to rub shoulders with established comic book artists..."
Valerie Pezeron

"Guibert turned out to be a captivating speaker."
Sarah McIntyre

"Featuring some of the most critically-acclaimed international comic book creators..."

"When the event was over the audience was left wanting more."
Liban Diriye

"...some of the UK's sharpest cartoonists gathered at the ICA in London for a unique test of creativity and endurance: a 24-hour comic marathon, during which each artist was challenged to create a spontaneous 24-page story."
The New Statesman

"It was fascinating and welcoming..."
Mike Leader

"...i left the ica full of encouragement and positivity."
Maartje Schalkx

"...will be talked about by those who saw it for years to come."
Bart Beaty

"The ongoing stream of Comica-related events throughout the year spoils us..."
Andrew Salmond

"Comica features some of the most highly regarded figures currently working in the form..."
The Observer