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TODAY & IN 2001

Campaigning charity War on Want’s Iraq: Operation Corporate Takeover is a documentary comic in which Sean Michael Wilson and Lee O’Connor expose how Western companies are profiting from the occupation, while New Yorkers Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman project the war’s technology, media coverage and paranoia to the year 2011 in the provocative Shooting War from Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

Hosted by Seumas Milne, Guardian columnist and associate editor. Seumas was the Guardian’s comment editor from 2001-2007. He has worked for the paper since 1984, as a general reporter, labour correspondent (Europe) and labour editor. He has reported for the Guardian from the Middle East, eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America.

Tickets: £8, £7 Concs, £6 Members
Where: Nash Room, ICA, The Mall, London
When: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 - 7pm


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"It was definitely worth the trip."
Garen Ewing

"I arrived to find a queue for the sold-out event stretching out of the building."
Paul Tierney

"....plenty of food for thought in terms of fresh reading material ideas..."
Euan Gillespie

"Every time I go to these events I come back inspired to do more work."
Sylvia Libedinsky

"...the social buzz is what I will remember from the day."
Ed Pinsent

"...all [24 hour comic day] participants felt a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction by the end."
Jim Medway

"...the Talking With Gods documentary didn't disappoint."
The Guardian

"...Sacco had some interesting things to say about the comics form in general."
Simon Hacking

"It is turning into one of the best comic-related events of the year in London."
Joel Meadows

"...i left the ica full of encouragement and positivity."
Maartje Schalkx