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In 2003, at the first Comica Festival, the long wall of the Concourse Gallery was filled with the first PoCom or Potential Comic and this year the project returns. The inspirations for this collaborative, multi-pathed comic on the wall and on the web included the gallery narratives painted by Swedish artist Lars Arrhenius, the OuLiPo-inspired French group OuBaPo or the Ouvroir de Bande Dessinée Potentielle (workshop of potential comics) and Scott McCloud’s championing of the internet’s “infinite canvas.” Curators Bill Bragg from the collective magazine Le Gun and webwizard Daniel Merlin Goodbrey have compiled a mind-map of interconnecting graphic stories, branching out from Bragg’s initial “spine” sequence. The plan is for this cluster to be added to by other comics creators here and online, including exhibitors at the Comica Comiket, a fair for small presses and self-publishers on Saturday November 22nd in the Nash and Brandon Rooms, admission for the public is free. More…

Sean Azzopardi, Becky Barnicoat, Hannah Bayatti, Chris Bianchi, Bill Bragg, Astrid Chesney, Mark Ciavola, Les Coleman, Ellie Curtis, Mireille Fauchon, Neal Fox, Rachel Gannon, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Tom Jennings, Fumie Kamijo, Hiroshi Kariya, Tanya Meditsky, Catrin Morgan, Matt Newton, Walter Newton, Douglas Noble, Chloe Regan, Emma Rendel, Tobias Tak, Matilda Tristram, Argyro Tsavala, Steph Von Reiswitz and Russell Weekes.

Tickets: Free
Where: ICA concourse & bar, ICA, The Mall, London
When: November 14 to November 25, 2008


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"...a long-overdue celebration of graphic art and literature."
BBC Collective

"The whole affair was very effective as an insight into the creative process of a genius."
Unified Review Theory

"...Comica continues to be a must-visit destination each year..."
Joel Meadows

"The ongoing stream of Comica-related events throughout the year spoils us..."
Andrew Salmond

"It is turning into one of the best comic-related events of the year in London."
Joel Meadows

"Yet another fabulous evening."
Martin Eden

"It was definitely worth the trip."
Garen Ewing

"It's fun, it's informative, it's inspirational, and it's an absolute must-do."
Gosh! Comics

"Hurrah! This year's Comiket was a brilliant success."
Sarah McIntyre

"Featuring some of the most critically-acclaimed international comic book creators..."