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Poles ApART: New Polish Comics & Graphic Novels

The exhibition Poles ApART: New Polish Comics & Graphic Novels is a first exposition of Polish comics on such a scale in the United Kingdom, organised and curated by the Łódź International Festival of Comics & Games. It will present works by 12 most important artists of the last two decades in Poland: Agata Wawryniuk, Przemysław Truściński, Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz,
Berenika Kolomycka, Tomasz Leśniak, Krzysztof Ostrowski, Michał Śledziński, Jacek Frąś, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Marcin Podolec, Bartosz and Tomasz Minkiewicz in the WIndows Gallery at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and with the support of the Arts Council England.

Images from the exposition will also be available in the printed catalogue in Polish and English. There will also be special bulletins for journalists. The exhibition will not only show the works but also present 3 artists in person: Berenika Kolomycka, Przemysław Truściński and Agata Wawryniuk. They represent the middle and the youngest generation of Polish comics artists, with great artistic achievements, many publications in Poland and abroad and excellent skills. They will participate in the opening and also conduct comics workshops. There will also be a digital presentation on Polish comics art prepared by a Polish comics researcher and theoretician, Dr Wojciech Birek. Meeting with Agata Wawryniuk, author of Polish-English Phrasebook (cover, above) will be especially interesting for the British audience. The album tells a story of everyday life of the Polish living and working in the UK.

The exposition will present various skills of Polish artists, their different techniques, styles and areas they like to focus on. It will show different approaches to composing pages and framing. During the meetings the audience will have a chance to confront the artists and share their impressions on their works.

Where: Windows Gallery, Central Saint Martins, N1C 4AA
When: October 31 to November 16, 2013


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