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Japanese-American guest Misako Rocks! demonstrates her Disney manga hits Biker Girl and Rock and Roll Love, previews her new trilogy and introduces an exclusive big-screen showing of anime movie Tekkonkinkreet based on Taiyo Matsumoto’s dazzling dystopian manga.

Following the live-action adaptation of his ‘Ping Pong’ manga, the genius of Taiyo Matsumoto comes to the screen once again in this high-energy, visually thrilling anime adaptation of his beloved tales of ‘Black and White’. The intricately detailed film follows the adventures of two orphan street-kids - Black and White - as they take on the corrupt adult inhabitants of crazed, crime-ridden city Treasure Town, while remaining fiercely loyal to one another at all times.

Dir. Michael Arias, Japan 2006, 100 mins, subtitles.

Where: Cinema 1, ICA, The Mall, London
When: Monday, November 5, 2007 - 8.45pm


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"I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the presentation. It was so impressive!"
Helen McCarthy

"I was about to fall off my chair from overstimulation."
Sarah McIntyre

"...a place where aspiring graphic novelists get the chance to rub shoulders with established comic book artists..."
Valerie Pezeron

"Thank you, Paul Gravett, for another wonderful season of Comica!"
Sarah McIntyre

"With Comica, the ICA is doing what it does best: reaching out to culture's fringe."
Kulture Flash

"The ICA treats comics the way they should be: as contemporary art."
Sci Fi London

"British preconceptions of graphic novels are changing as exhibitions such as Comica expose the challenging work out there."
Design Week

" of the cultural highlights in London's graphic novel calendar."
Joel Meadows

"Featuring some of the most critically-acclaimed international comic book creators..."

"The epitome of geekchic, it's most definitely worth checking out."
The Rough Guide To Graphic Novels