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Japanese-American guest Misako Rocks! demonstrates her Disney manga hits Biker Girl and Rock and Roll Love, previews her new trilogy and introduces an exclusive big-screen showing of anime movie Tekkonkinkreet based on Taiyo Matsumoto’s dazzling dystopian manga.

Following the live-action adaptation of his ‘Ping Pong’ manga, the genius of Taiyo Matsumoto comes to the screen once again in this high-energy, visually thrilling anime adaptation of his beloved tales of ‘Black and White’. The intricately detailed film follows the adventures of two orphan street-kids - Black and White - as they take on the corrupt adult inhabitants of crazed, crime-ridden city Treasure Town, while remaining fiercely loyal to one another at all times.

Dir. Michael Arias, Japan 2006, 100 mins, subtitles.

Where: Cinema 1, ICA, The Mall, London
When: Monday, November 5, 2007 - 8.45pm


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"...some of the UK's sharpest cartoonists gathered at the ICA in London for a unique test of creativity and endurance: a 24-hour comic marathon, during which each artist was challenged to create a spontaneous 24-page story."
The New Statesman

"It was a real learning experience."
Tom Humberstone

"...a comprehensive, varied and exciting season that demonstrated the reach and diversity of the art form."
The Comics Journal

"There's always something interesting in Comica's raft of events..."
Joel Meadows

"The whole affair was very effective as an insight into the creative process of a genius."
Unified Review Theory

"'s a great time to be a comics fan in London!"
Chris Thompson

"Hurrah! This year's Comiket was a brilliant success."
Sarah McIntyre

"Featuring some of the most critically-acclaimed international comic book creators..."

"I went in a casual fan, and came out an undisputed Kirbyphile."
Comic Book Resources

"...a major new international festival devoted to sequential narratives."