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As media partner for the Comica festival and to preview some of the guests and events, The Independent is publishing a special comics-themed edition of their Sunday Review, edited by Tim Lewis with assistance from Comica director Paul Gravett. As well as a cover-featured interview with Marjane Satrapi, a profile feature on Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie and Lost Girls, an interview with Kevin Smith, and a preview of Guy Delisle’s Pyonyang, almost all of the magazine’s other regular departments will be comics-themed: Nick Abadzis illustrates the Food feature; Barnaby Richards does Gardening: Simone Lia does the Restaurant review; Neal Fox covers London Fashion Week; Paul Gravett provides the week’s world map on comics; Tom Gauld and Simone Lia are the guests in the How We Met column; Matt Broersma illustrates Dom Joly’s Mexican travelogue; and a one-page surreal vignette by Michael Kupperman. If that wasn’t enough, the issue also launches the Sunday Review’s ongoing weekly serialisation of the complete comic entitled Building Stories by Chris Ware. While this appeared last year in the New York Times Magazine, this version will be unedited and uncensored, as Ware intended it.

Where: At Your Local Newsagent
When: Sunday, October 1, 2006


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"...some of the UK's sharpest cartoonists gathered at the ICA in London for a unique test of creativity and endurance: a 24-hour comic marathon, during which each artist was challenged to create a spontaneous 24-page story."
The New Statesman

"Comica Comiket at the ICA was buzzing with invention and ideas."
The Guardian

"After five years of attending Comica's Comikets, the event has finally come of age."
Francesca Cassavetti

"When the event was over the audience was left wanting more."
Liban Diriye

"...packed out..."
Tony Venezia

"The Comica Festival's uniqueness resides in its selection of international comic artists [and] its presentation of cutting-edge themes..."
Dominique Le Duc

"Comica normally comes up with some great talks and panels, but this was particularly memorable..."
Comix Influx

"I arrived to find a queue for the sold-out event stretching out of the building."
Paul Tierney

"'s a great time to be a comics fan in London!"
Chris Thompson

"The ongoing stream of Comica-related events throughout the year spoils us..."
Andrew Salmond