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The winner of the fifth Graphic Short Story Prize, chosen from more than 200 entries, is Isabel Greenberg. Her winning entry, Love In A Very Cold Climate, tells the story of a marriage - only this couple, a south pole dweller and a north pole dweller, will never be able to touch one another, surrounded as they are by a magnetic force field. It's beautifully drawn, of course, from first to last frame, but it's also exquisitely written. In particular, the judges admired the way Greenberg handles time, somehow capturing a shared lifetime in just four pages.



Graphic Short Story Prize 2011 Winner:
Isabel Greenberg: Love In A Very Cold Climate

Olu Oke & Michael O’Kelly: Ding!

If you entered the 2011 competition and have posted your strip online, please send in the link to us so that it can be listed below:

Carolyn Alexander: The New Look
Ash Pure: The K.I.D.: The Lion and The Unicorn
Edd Baldry: Rugby School, November 17th 2001
Matthew Broadhurst: As The World Fell Down
Sarah Burgess: A Day In The Life Of An Agoraphobic
Scott Dessert: London
Bob Dickinson: Driven
Matteo Farinella: The Dead Relationship
Alfie Gallagher: Cave
Mike Garley & Sally Jane Thompson: The Anniversary
Lisa Grant: Colour In The Rainbow
Alex Hahn: One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer
Coll Hamilton: T.V. Licence
Rosy Higgins: Purgatory
Gus Hughes: Oak Tree
Jaime Huxtable: The Colour of C
Steven Ingram & Luke Surl: Ice
Luke Kennedy: Cat In A Wheelie Bin
Jonathan Lock & Jade Sarson: Nightlife
Sunell Lombard: Neither Nor
Begona Martin: BBGun 1, 2, 3, 4
Tiago Mattis: Recipes For A Restless Summer
Alex May: Hot Water Bottle
John McLoughlin & Andrew Laws: Beneath A Steel Sky
Sean McSorley: The Tourist
Phil Merchant: My Sweet Caring Sister
Kaira Mezulis: Virtual Love
Faye Moorhouse: The Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia
Josh Neal: Tornado River
Danny Noble: The Big Bad Blank Page
Andy Poyiadgi: Teapot Therapy
Ludovic Pujol: A Busy Crossroad
Michael Reilly: Cur
Mike Rourke: Victual Reality
Martin Simpson: Carnival of the Lost
Stilly: The Ballad of Rosalind Bitsy
Kylea Charisse Thomas: Yesterday 8.07am
Ben Torbitt: The Fall Guy
Alexander Walker: My Other Life
Laura Wardfrost: Euphorbia
Weef: Inshallah
Rob Wells: Halloween Parade
Jean Westbrook: They Is Gavered In Bcos It is Snowing
Corban Wilkin: Ripe
TH (Tim) Yu: The Fairy’s Pearl



Rachel Cooke (Literary Critic, Observer)
Suzanne Dean (Creative Director, Random House)
Dan Franklin (Publisher, Jonathan Cape)
Paul Gravett (Comica Festival Director)
Bryan Talbot (Luther Arkwright, Alice In Sunderland, Grandville)
David Nicholls (author of One Day, writer for film, television and theatre)



The Observer: Graphic Short Story Prize Winner
The Observer: Wanted - The Graphic Novelists Of The Future



Entry forms with the full rules and conditions can be downloaded here and you can see how your story will be laid out in The Observer here.


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