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| JULY 2014 |

A great big party that gathers every month on the last Wednesday. A delightful social occasion where you can meet, greet and network, with the finest human beings you could ever wish to meet in comicsland, on all things comics, graphic novels or related to events at the Comica Festival.

Find out all the news, the gossip, and the projects, other members are brewing. Find out about all the other social groups in comicsland, as well. A chance to meet readers, cartoonists, comics artists, writers, illustrators, animators, too.

We at Comica believe that the social club has a secondary purpose, too, that may not be immediately obvious. New comics and graphic novels develop, when like-minded people form alliances, share ideas, and get together for the pleasure of co-creating.

Bring along your sketch-book and draw. Discover a graphic novel you would never have thought to read.

This months Banner is a detail fromThe Great Unwashed illustrated by Warren Pleece.

For several years now we have been meeting together, we have a Facebook group called Comica Social Club. This is the open group that we created on 6 September 2013. There are some without Facebook, of course, and this is your way to stay in touch.

Friendly Greetings,

With the mighty biffing of a gong the man in the emerald fez appears to cordially invite you to the superb yet informative Comica Social Club is on the last Wednesday of this month.

This time on Wednesday, 30 July 2014.

Please come and meet new comics friends, and make a wonderful occasion even more astonishing by your presence, on what looks to be a busy evening.

This venue can get crowded. If you are new, and have never attended before, and know no-one else, look out for the man in the Emerald Fez and he will guide you to new comics friends.

Please tell your friends and do the social media about the event if you like.

We all look forward to seeing you. Come and have some fun. :0)


TIME: 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

VENUE The Central Bar,The Foyer, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX London, UK.

We all look forward to seeing you, but don't feel obliged to come if there are other pressing commitments.

Please tell your friends and invite them along too.

We want everyone to come along and enjoy the fun.

Comica Social Club

For a monthly invitation reminder, please join our list.

We will not send any other email to this list. If you wish to be sent a fuller news round-up of Comica Festival events then please add your name to the Newsletter.

Everyone is looking forward to meeting you.


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"...the social buzz is what I will remember from the day."
Ed Pinsent

"It was a real learning experience."
Tom Humberstone

"With Comica, the ICA is doing what it does best: reaching out to culture's fringe."
Kulture Flash

"...the Talking With Gods documentary didn't disappoint."
The Guardian

"Hurrah! This year's Comiket was a brilliant success."
Sarah McIntyre

"Comiket... was packed to bursting with enthusiastic, earnest artists hustling their work."
Mike Leader

"Comica... continues to heap cultural credibility onto this once maligned art form."
BBC Online

"I was about to fall off my chair from overstimulation."
Sarah McIntyre

"I went in a casual fan, and came out an undisputed Kirbyphile."
Comic Book Resources

"The whole affair was very effective as an insight into the creative process of a genius."
Unified Review Theory