The term “gamer” has evolved throughout the years and now it is not only someone who plays videogames but also someone who enjoys watching other gamers play in streaming websites such as YouTube and Pornoorzel.  Being a gamer is mostly a hobby for some people but others, have managed to make a professional career out […]

Comic Art Festival

Comic Art Festivals as are known in the UK are big and well organized gatherings with the purpose of connecting the readers and the fans with the comic writers, creators, designers and illustrators and animators. Initially, this event was created due to a decrease in the comic’s audience; therefore, the comics festival’s aimed to reach […]

The Best Comics Conventions in USA

The geeky and nerdy culture on the United States have created an important niche in the economy. The fact that there are over 10 comic conventions that gather from 25.000 to over 200.000 people for days is something to take a look at. As for economic growth, each city that hosts the convention experiences an […]


A four day event created by a few group of friends and fans that invited writers, artists and speakers to talk to other fans about the upcoming comics, movies and shows related the comic industry and TV shows that were born after them. This event took place in San Diego in 1970 under the name […]