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A great big party that gathers every month on the last Wednesday. A delightful social occasion where you can meet, greet and network, with the finest human beings you could ever wish to meet in comicsland, on all things comics, graphic novels or related to events at the Comica Festival.

Find out all the news, the gossip, and the projects, other members are brewing. Find out about all the other social groups in comicsland, as well. A chance to meet readers, cartoonists, comics artists, writers, illustrators, animators, too.

We at Comica believe that the social club has a secondary purpose, too, that may not be immediately obvious. New comics and graphic novels develop, when like-minded people form alliances, share ideas, and get together for the pleasure of co-creating.

Bring along your sketch-book and draw. Discover a graphic novel you would never have thought to read when you win it in the raffle.

This months Banner is a detail from the cover of volume one of Les Contes du Boudoir Hanté illustrated by Yishan Li. Which translates to Tales of the Haunted Boudoir.

For several years now we have been meeting together, we have a Facebook group called Comica Social Club. This is the open group that we created on 6 September 2013. The Comica Social Club 2012 with over five hundred members accidentally became a secret group. To join the secret group you must first now join the open group and we will add you to the secret group. Such are the mysteries of Facebook that we can do nothing to amend this status of secrecy--its was never intended. There are some without Facebook, of course, and this is your way to stay in touch.

Comica Social Club

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Everyone is looking forward to meeting you.


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Ben Katchor in Comica Conversation with Peter Blegvad at Foyles, Wednesday March 26th!

Reinhard Kleist Launches The Boxer at Goethe Institut London, Thursday March 6th!

Paul Pope Comica Conversation at Foyles Tuesday February 4th 6.30-8.30pm!

Highlights of Comica Festival Continuing Till November 16th!

Comica Comiket Is Coming This Saturday!

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"...plenty to spark your interest here, even if your last comic experience involved cow pie."

"...a place where aspiring graphic novelists get the chance to rub shoulders with established comic book artists..."
Valerie Pezeron

"The epitome of geekchic, it's most definitely worth checking out."
The Rough Guide To Graphic Novels

"Thank you, Paul Gravett, for another wonderful season of Comica!"
Sarah McIntyre

"...far and away the best place to find a serious and eclectic showcase of world comics fare."
The First Post

"Gives the comic form the cultural representation the UK doesn't normally see."
David Greene

"The talk - to a full house - was pleasant, convivial and amusing."
Tim Pilcher

"The Comica Festival's uniqueness resides in its selection of international comic artists [and] its presentation of cutting-edge themes..."
Dominique Le Duc

"...Comica continues to be a must-visit destination each year..."
Joel Meadows

"I went in a casual fan, and came out an undisputed Kirbyphile."
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